Ley Lines is a first person shooter/platformer in which you use your weapon, not only to vanquish enemies; but also to solve the puzzles and progress in the story.

Using a vast movement-set you can swiftly traverse the world both horizontally and vertically, use the environment as well as your gun “Ra” to open hidden path ways and bounce far out of the reach of enemies.

Ley Lines is a vertical slice created using Unity3DĀ over the course of 7 weeks by 10 students at Futuregames.

A collection of hard surface meshes

Modular pipe set. Easy to build new pipe formations.

I did highpoly sculpts in Zbrush which were later imported into Houdini where it got decimated and uv-mapped to save time and to create a unique style.

The Material in Unity is world space based. (Jona Marklund did the Houdini scripting and created the material inside Unity)

Screenshots from the game

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